Florida: A Retrospective

Now I know good and well I said I was going to blog a whole lot more now that I have these fantastic e-digs over here, but…well…between work and school, I pretty much am tired of staring at a computer in general (lol). Now that I have a tad bit more time on my hands, you’re going to see me a whole lot more than you did before. Aren’t you happy? With that being said, I have a post on my little heart about something that means a whole lot to me now that it’s in the books.

A couple of weeks back, I did something I had been itching to do for a very long, long time. I got on a plane, and took a vacation from this lovely place called the District of Columbia metropolitan area. Don’t get me wrong, I love my city and my life, but sometimes I just need a break. I and four other ladies who have been talking a lot on these here innanets decided that we would all convene in Miami/Fort Lauderdale and actually meet one another and spend a few days together, and take a vacation. To make a long story short, I believe we all met in the chat function of UStream on the night of the Modern Day Matchmaker’s Web Event in New York City…thanks to the web stream being funky, there was a lot of extra ratchet and equally hilarious conversation that occurred. I ended up with at least 5 new blogs to follow and 15 new friends on Twitter because of it. (Hey Paul Carrick Brunson, if you ever read this…thanks! *smile*)

We planned this trip for actual months. Almost from the time that we all met, we started scheming up ways to actually meet each other face to face. It started out with more people than those that ended up being able to come, but the anticipation built like none other. I typically get excited about travel, but with my own personal situations, my work situation, and being bogged down with work for grad school, the opportunity to go anywhere had me extra amped. Now if I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had met one of the ladies previously (@MsEsquire77), but the other three, I had only spoken to over GMail, Twitter, or text messages. Never on the phone, and obviously not in person. Was I nervous to go? Not really. Apprehensive, slightly. Excited, hell yeah! I felt like I knew them from all of the conversations we had online, so it was now just a matter of putting a face and a voice to their personality.

Sidenote: Peep the view…

you mad?

By the time I woke up Friday morning, I honestly was completely grateful that I had come on this trip. I had been there all of 10 hours, but I knew from the minute I touched down that the trip was going to be a success. We all got along famously, we all gave each other the space to do our own thing, but we all spent time together when we wanted to. Waking up to go grab breakfast from Einstein Brothers bagels, coming back to play Bingo by the pool, taking EPIC naps on the beach, drinking Miami Vices poolside…I wouldn’t have traded my experience in Florida for anything. By Saturday night, if I already didn’t feel like I had gained four big sisters, I definitely did. The epic 3 hour long conversation laying across the bed (yes it looked like a scene from a cheesy 80s movie lol) that really reassured me that I had found people that had my back. Of course I’m the youngest in the group, so I naturally got ragged on the entire time. (.____.) I’m glad that I got the opportunity to just sit and listen to women older than me in my own generation that go through and have been through some of the same things that I have. How often do people really get that opportunity? I don’t have older sisters of my own, so I’ve never been granted that chance to just sit and observe. It really sucked to leave at the crack of dawn Sunday morning, not only because I was going to have to give up my view of the beach, but because I knew it was going to be a while before I saw them again…no worries though, modern technology has us all up and in each other’s lives!

To each of my newfound sisters, I love each and every one of you! You are all amazing and beautiful women, and I’m so glad to have you in my life. Miami 2010 was a success, and I am so looking forward to DC 2011! ๐Ÿ™‚

Cheekie, Nick, Me, Max, and Shon...I love my sisters! ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh yeah, find Max, Cheekie, Nick, and Shon all on the web!

  1. *falls out and cries like a thug* o_______O

    Seriously, though, girl this was a fabulous recap! It summed up everything I thought about my new sisters! Major co-signs on us lying all on the king-sized bed chatting away resembling a cheesy 80s movie. We were like The Breakfast Club…and with actual breakfast dates! LMAO

    This made me all verklempt and whatnot. I can’t wait to hang with you ladies in the future…and of course, meet many more e-personas when we get to DC 2011.

    I don’t wanna meet Berook at all, though. Keep him away from me.

    • I wanna meet him. I wanna see if I can fight him. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • I’ma need you to leave that man alone.. I don’t know many people that would send me (someone they never met) his box set of The Wire.. All the seasons.. That’s some sweetness right there!

      • @Nick,

        Naw, I’m pretty sure he’s a jerk.

        LOL, just kidding, on the serious tip, he is super sweet for doing that though.

        *glares at him, wishing a nicca WOULD say something*

      • Cheekie :
        Naw, Iโ€™m pretty sure heโ€™s a jerk.
        LOL, just kidding, on the serious tip, he is super sweet for doing that though.
        *glares at him, wishing a nicca WOULD say something*

        I will slap the hell outta you. You don’t know who you messin’ with. I don’t even know when I’m gonna slap somebody. My reflexes just slap people. I’m like damn why did I do that? I don’t know when I be slapping people. I don’t know when I’m gonna slap somebody.

    • I can’t wait til DC 2011 too! And yes we looked like we belonged on a commercial the way we were just talking it up on the bed lol…I’m glad you liked my recap, I tried to remember everything lol

  2. Damn. can I get an invite to dc2011? *walks away with tail tucked between my legs and head to my chest*

    if i didn’t say I was jealous before, I hope my name on this post says it now. I felt the warmth from the post after reading it all. I’m glad you all got to meet. If you’re the youngest…. imagine how I’m going to feel in NYC2012! All of you seem like the best role models (except Max the Raunch). Lol jay kay Max Fab. You know I love you like a bullying big sister that always knows what’s best ๐Ÿ˜€ (and i mean it yo!) Now this post was great. I’m glad you’re all so gay happy ^_^

    I wanna meet my Twit-Ma!! Well MAs! You’re all shaking a finger at me. Lol

    (Yeah, I just made up this event of NYC2012. And it better happen. Spread the word on the twittuh)

    • Haha you have to take up NYC2012 with the collective of us…I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem, considering all of us like to travel, but..gotta ask everyone! And Max is absolutely fabulous, and she’s as honest as I hope to be when I grow up. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Lauren..
    This post really made me smile.. especially considering that I haven’t gotten to my re-cap yet..
    I’ll see you soon, cuz i’m bout to be working! BISH!

    Yeah, I’m excited.. and I plan on making it to the cherry blossoms next year..

    • Owwww! Yes for working! So excited! And you BETTER come up here for the cherry blossoms, it won’t be complete without you! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • MsEsquire77
    • November 3rd, 2010

    Awww!!! That was sweet and absolutely on point ๐Ÿ™‚ I had an excellent time and I wish the trip could’ve been longer. I can’t wait until DC 2011!

    • *takes bow* Why thank you maam! I wish the trip could’ve been longer as well, but we will definitely make up for it next year!

  4. Nick@Nite :Iโ€™ma need you to leave that man alone.. I donโ€™t know many people that would send me (someone they never met) his box set of The Wire.. All the seasons.. Thatโ€™s some sweetness right there!

    Well damn. See, I keep telling him he’s not this @$$hole he claims to be. Perp. Lol @ Cheekie. I wish he would say something. What a sweetheart. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. This post was uber gay. Too much happiness and feelings n’ sh*t.


    lol glad you had a good time in Florida though. It’s always a great feeling when you find people that you connect with so easily.

    • I know, robots such as yourself don’t have feelings…unless there’s a monkey involved, then you’re all for it!

      lol I’m glad I did too, and you’ll fit right in with everyone…I need someone to banter with anyways..:)

  1. November 8th, 2010

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