I Almost Lost Her…

Friday night, I was all sorts of hype about the weekend. I was heading to Baltimore to take in a show with one of my best friends, and to get some drinks, and to hang out at a lounge with some other friends and acquaintances around. That was, until I went home. I stopped past my house to pick up a check and so my friend that was with me could use the bathroom. I called out to my mother to let her know I was home, and all she could say back was she didn’t feel good. Usually there’s some type of back story to it, or some thought process about what could potentially be wrong, but this time there was nothing.

My thoughts automatically went to “ok…well if you don’t feel good, what’s wrong?” I got met with stuttering vocabulary, breathlessness, and no real indication of what was going on. I kept asking her to tell me what was wrong, but she couldn’t. To be honest, I was getting flustered and irritated because I had no idea what was going on, and I hate not knowing what’s happening when things are going on. I went into her room, she told me to sit down, and that’s when I just knew everything was completely wrong. I told her I didn’t care what she said, I was either calling the ambulance or taking her to the emergency room myself. I rummaged through drawers to find clothes to put on her, because I was taking her there if she could get to the car. I had to ask my friend to come in and help me get the clothes on her, and I looked at my friend and asked if I should call 911, and her response was “yes. Call them.”

Wanna know who was scared out of her natural mind? Me. I called 911, and they told me to ask her a couple of questions to check if she was having a stroke, and the paramedics ended up showing up about 4-5 minutes later. They were the absolute longest 4-5 minutes of my life, because I just knew it was something that was going to take forever to fix, and I was literally scared to death that I lost my mom. I gathered all her medicine, put it in a bag by the front door, got her drivers license and insurance information ready, and I just knew I was going to be spending my weekend in a hospital.

Thankfully and luckily, I didn’t have to. When the paramedics got there, they checked all of her vitals and found that her blood sugar was at 41 – it’s usually supposed to be near or around 100, and her last negative reaction to low blood sugar happened when she was at 72. The paramedics told me to get her juice with sugar added to it (I put like 4 tablespoons in each cup), my friend made a pb&j sandwich for her while I sat at the table sobbing like a child, and the paramedic gave her the banana that was on top of our microwave. She started to come around, and I later found out that she had no recollection of what happened. Her memory completely blanked out from about 5:00 that evening until 7:20 or so when the paramedics and I were all standing around in her room.

I went and got her some dinner, and by the time I got back to the house, she was up and talking, and 30 or so minutes after she finished eating, she was up trying to wash clothes, so I knew everything was better. I was completely exhausted and drained, but three of my best friends were there to keep me company and keep me from focusing on the “what ifs” like I’m so prone to do.

My moral of the story: God works in mysterious and unsuspecting ways sometimes. Had I gone to Baltimore, this may have been a completely different blog post. If I never believed in divine intervention and the work of God, I definitely do after Friday night. My mother and I don’t always see eye to eye, and I’m in the midst of trying to break out and spread my wings and repair our relationship by moving out, but…Friday reminded me just how much I love and appreciate her. I almost lost her…

    • keisha brown
    • March 7th, 2011

    it usually does take major things for us to take a step back to examine our blessings…glad yours ended up well!

    • Yeah it really does…I’m glad mine ended well too; I don’t even want to THINK about the what if’s anymore…

    • Cheekie
    • March 7th, 2011

    Great post. Glad you got this out. I can’t even the fathom the feelings of almost losing a mother, so I’m glad you expressed yours through writing.

    I definitely believe in divine happenings and your post is another example of that to me. It’s really incredible that it takes SUCH jarring experiences for us to really learn, but I’m a firm believer that God doesn’t give us anything we’re not ready to tackle.

    • All I kept thinking was about how my future kids would have no maternal grandparents…smh that that’s so important to me nowadays.

      I definitely do believe that God doesn’t give us any more than we can bear, and I’m grateful that He recognized that I just couldn’t handle that yet.

    • sanen85
    • March 7th, 2011

    I have been in similar situations more times than I would have liked to. That fear is just so overwhelming and nearly incapaciting. It’s great that you had people there to help you in that situation. I can’t see very well right, so I can’t write as much on this as I’d like. I’m just glad things ended well for you.

    • At one point, I was just kinda sitting there with my mouth hung open, barely blinking, but I’m glad my friend was able to snap me out of it. I was SO thankful she was there with me, I’m not sure how I would have handled it had she not been.

  1. What an experience. L Boogie, you did an amazing job. You’re a good daughter and clearly an intuitive one at that! This experience will give you the strength and patience you need in the future to mend your relationship with her. It may still require distance, but ultimately you will two will have a more solid foundation. *e-hugs*

    • I think it may require distance, only because we have different personalities that may compliment each other best from a distance. Thanks for the hugs girl, it was definitely an eye-opening weekend.

    • MsEsquire77
    • March 7th, 2011

    I’m so glad that K-Dawg is okay! When I saw your tweet on Friday I was so concerned. Anyway, thanks for sharing and make sure to hug your mom for me 🙂

    • I’m glad she’s ok too — I was in that house LOSING it in my mind! I’m glad you got the chance to hug her for yourself last night! 🙂

  2. Wow, I’m really glad mom dukes is fine. I can’t even imagine how I’d react if I was in that scenario. Yay for great friends and the grace of God.

  3. So did you try to milk her for something during those 2.33 hours she didn’t recollect? Lol j.k. glad she’s okay and I hope you check on her on the regular so you two understand where each other are coming from. Down to the affections of your hearts. & make sure she eats. Hey take her out to dinner or cook her dinner sometime & sup w/ her.

    Grace and Peace

    • Hahaha! I should have asked for some new shoes or an iPad, shouldn’t I? 😉 Lol…I do check on her physically since we live in the same house, and I’m going to take the necessary steps to do what I can to mend our relationship – even if that means saving my money to move out and get my own place. I did take her out last weekend, and it went relatively well…baby steps, my friend, baby steps…

  4. So happy mama is fine! I can’t imagine how you felt. Hell, my stomach was in knots just reading it. Also, praise God for your friends. I’m happy they were there to hold you down during that rough situation.

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