Feature Fridays: Greatest Weapon of All Time

Hey ya’ll! It’s been a while since I’ve been here…a long while, and in my opinion, way too long. In order to interact with you all more, and to keep the place looking like something, I came up with the idea of starting a weekly series. I came up with an idea for a series to do two things: 1) it’ll get me in a consistent writing/posting habit (which is key as a writer), and 2) it’ll give you all out there an idea of where my head is on at least a weekly basis. I win, you win, all we do is win (x3). Khaled.

The name of this new series is called Feature Fridays. In the series, I’ve decided to showcase one song per week, give you the audio of the song, and also discuss why the song was so vital to my week, what the song means to me, and then give you a chance to maybe discover some new music and to learn something about me along the way. If you’ve been following me for some time, or you know me in real life, you know that I’m always surrounded by music. When I go to work in the mornings, I have my iPod in my ears, when I’m at work, I’m on YouTube for the music, and when I come home, I have music on in the car, and on my computer while I’m doing work. It, in a nutshell, is my life. What better way to dig deeper than to see what I have in constant rotation?

Without further adieu, I present to you the first Feature Fridays track: Zo! Feat. Sy Smith – Greatest Weapon of All Time

We all know how I feel about The Foreign Exchange and any and everything that comes off of their label, so it’s no surprise that my first song comes from an artist on their label. This song was vital to my week for a couple of very distinct reasons. For starters, I’ve been in a bit of a rut when it comes to my writing. It’s always been a dream of mine to not only write, but to publish a novel. I struggle with the thought that what I write isn’t up to par with what else is out there on the market, so instead of trying to write more to get better, I clam up and write sporadically (as we can se by how I tend to this blog). Needless to say, that’s completely counterproductive to what I’m trying to do, and I’ve gotten to the point where I need to change that if I ever want to see my dream come to fruition. There’s a line in the song where Sy Smith says “Don’t ever underestimate/the power/of your heart and soul/cuz they might write the greatest/love story that’s/ever been told.” Now I know I’ve heard this song countless times before this week, but for whatever reason, that line has been on repeat non-stop in my head! It’s almost like it’s exactly what I needed to hear in order to get some inspiration. Within the last seven days, I’ve done research on what is needed to create a successful story, read a book about how to properly set yourself up to write, and created a skeletal plot outline. Talk about motivation.

The song has also helped me on a more personal note. I have my days where I feel like I live the cookie-cutter life: get up, get dressed, go to work, come home, work out, play on the computer, shower, eat somewhere within the day, sleep, rinse, and repeat. It’s not a hard life to live in terms of work, but it’s pretty difficult to live such a structured life when I used to thrive on freedom, which allowed me to do the things I wanted/needed to do without becoming an insomniac. After listening to this song on repeat a few (read: many) times, it dawned on me that I still have the freedom to do exactly what it is that I want and feel like I need to do – I just have to be a bit more creative in how I approach it, and if I want it bad enough, I’ll have to make the time to do it. It starts within my mind, and telling myself that I actually can achieve the things that I want to do, and to stop underestimating myself and what I’m capable of and destined for. As someone who spends a lot of time in internal reflection rather than projecting feelings outward, it’s been a difficult task to convince myself that I have what it takes to be successful. Whenever I feel like I’m not cut out for my dreams, I cut this song on, close my eyes if I can, and envision myself living out the life that I feel inclined to live. It’s an amazing feeling to see yourself in situations that you never imagined possible before.

For those of you that have heard this song, do you see where I’m coming from? Have you ever had a song that gave you the right mix of inspiration and motivation to get you to where you wanted to go, even if it was a very short journey to get there? For those of you that haven’t heard the song, check it out above, leave some of your thoughts and comments, and be sure to follow Zo! and Sy Smith on Twitter to keep up with them! Until next time, folks…

    • keisha brown
    • June 10th, 2011

    this is a great idea! any writing is better than none, and gets you into a rhythm of writing more.
    im at work, so listening to the song is not gon happen, but if it’s FE approved – then im sure it’s bangin!

    i’m going to have to think about what songs motivate me, can’t think of any off the bat – but i too believe in the power of music. whether it’s to get me out of bed, get on the elliptical, get me in a club mood or to help me get emo or get out of heart-brokenness . there is a song for every occasion.

    one that def comes to mind is i will get there by boyz II men. it’s from the prince of egypt soundtrack and i once had it printed and hung at on my wall at work.

    • Oh wow, that song brings back bad memories for me. It’s a great song, but for some reason I decided to sing that song in the eighth grade….by myself. Imagine a kid trying to sing a four-part harmony by himself lol. Awful.

    • Yeah I definitely need a writing schedule…can’t expect to jump back into it if I don’t have any structure…

      And girl I went and turned on “I will get there” and damn near cried…that song is a great reminder to make it through the trials and tribulations that life provides us. Thanks for commenting!

  1. Amen! This is a wonderful idea. Writers write is what I’ve always been told, and this series sounds like it will give you the motivation to do just that. Plus, I need new music in my life too, so for that- Thank you!
    Luv you.

    • Thanks hon! This should give me just what I need to get back into the swing of things. Love you back!

  2. Good post. This is why I love music. It holds so much power. It’s good to hear you find some motivation from this song.

    Usually for me, I find myself going to Here I Am To Worship by Israel & New Breed when I need some inspiration. I always find it hard to sing the lyrics to that song and still feel afraid or worried about whatever I may be hiding from.

    “Here I am to worship
    Here I am to bow down
    Here I am to say that You’re my God”

    I can’t help but feel the need to not waste the time that He’s given me.

    • Cheekie
    • June 13th, 2011

    “After listening to this song on repeat a few (read: many) times, it dawned on me that I still have the freedom to do exactly what it is that I want and feel like I need to do – I just have to be a bit more creative in how I approach it, and if I want it bad enough, I’ll have to make the time to do it.”

    Most definitely! You already know where I am with my writing (I can manage to regularly write the blog but when it comes to my more serious writing, I clam up outta fear), and I’m glad we have each other as a means of a support. That’s a great lyric and really rings true. When it comes to writing, you can’t go wrong with your heart. That’s why the books/movies that touch people touch them the way they do. They have heart. It’s such an easy concept, yet the most difficult thing to do. Because once you put your heart into your writing, you’re essentially putting yourself out there… open and vulnerable. Scary, yeah, but the rewards? Lawd they are sweet. I (we) just have to keep that in mind. 🙂

    Great post.

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