Feature Fridays – Le BOOM Vent Suite

Howdy folks! Welcome back to Feature Fridays, and today I have a pretty personal song chosen. I know it’s the Friday before a holiday, and everyone is amped to get their long weekend started (I KNOW I am), but I decided I needed to share this song with you all since it’s been on constant rotation for the last week.

It always feels like Christmas to me when an artist that I love releases new music. With every track that passes, it’s like ripping another piece of wrapping paper off of the biggest gift under the tree. When Jill Scott released her new album, “The Light of the Sun,” it was no different for me. Her music has been a soundtrack for me in both sad and happy times, so I was eager to see what direction she took this new album in. As with most new music I buy, I bought it on my iPod, so I pulled my headphones in while at my desk at work and began to listen. 1 got to track 5 and immediately stopped in my tracks.

“Le Boom Vent Suite” seems to speak to every corner of my life. It’s almost as if Jill took a trip to DC, asked me what was going on, and wrote a song about it. The beginning of the song is completely empowering for me, and inspires me to make some changes in my own life, while the end reminds me that it’s sometimes easier said than done. That balance between believing that someone doesn’t want you and you deciding that it’s time to leave with the realization that maybe they do want you if you stick it out, coupled with your realization that you completely want them and you feel that they’d benefit your life if they’d just get it together? Man. It’s like she knows me. It’s so beautifully painful for me to listen to that I can’t seem to turn away from it whenever it comes on. As if you couldn’t already tell, I relate best to music, but it’s especially gripping for me when I’m going through something or trying to get to a place that’s described in a particular song. Whenever I feel strongly about a song, I tend to listen to it over and over, and that’s exactly what I’ve done with this song this week.

If you haven’t done so already, please go buy her album! It’s a work of art from start to finish in my opinion, and as a woman, there are a few songs on there that I completely relate to and that I feel very strongly about, with “Le Boom Vent Suite” taking the lead for the one I feel the most about. Are there any songs that you all have that seem to just kick you in the chest because it most accurately describes your life at a certain point? Let’s chat about them in the comments! Until next time, folks…

    • BP
    • July 1st, 2011

    Hey! Hey! Loved this post!
    “I have been waiting patiently from the call from you”….hmmph! Who hasn’t been THERE! Great post love! I am going to go check out her album now.

    • 😀 Thanks for coming by honey! I hate the fact that I’m there right now, but in due time, this shall pass as well…hopefully. LOL

      I hope you enjoy her album as much as I do! 🙂

  1. You betta WORK those leggings Jilly!! *4 snaps in a Z formation*!

    Jill speaks to my marrow Boogie, I feel you like a Catholic priest. You know she’s felt the things you’ve felt. She gets it.

    “That balance between believing that someone doesn’t want you and you deciding that it’s time to leave with the realization that maybe they do want you if you stick it out, coupled with your realization that you completely want them and you feel that they’d benefit your life if they’d just get it together?”

    *slaps Jill*
    *slaps Boogie for typing it out*
    *slaps Jill again for exposing me like that*

    I thought we was cool!?

    I don’t steal buy music, I kill steal it like everyone else in the world, but I’m so buying this album just off the strength of Jill’s rep and your recommendation.

    As for your question: India Arie’s Acoustic Soul speaks directly my soul. Ready For Love, Wonderful, Brown Skin, Video, Always in My Head, I See God In You…ok, basically the whole album…and Good Man and Can I Walk With You – actually on Voyage to India, but they were on my burnt CD with Acoustic Soul so I lump them together…

    *turns on Pandora*
    *starts singing inappropriately loud at work*
    *begs someone to check me*
    Don’t they know it’s Friiiiiday?!

    Thanks for the inspiration Lauren!

    • LOL! Star I love you for this comment. It amazes me that my friends can tell me something over and over and I don’t get it, but the minute I hear it in a song, it’s like it automatically clicks. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed in this album. It’s like she took a snapshot of my mind and put it on wax. From the joy and happiness I hope to feel in a relationship one day in “So in Love” to the painful reality of this song to words that I need to repeat to myself DAILY in “Womanifesto” and “Rolling Hills,” there is something for every single aspect of your life. Beleedat. 🙂

  2. I have this album and so far this is my favorite track. I’m a big fan of Jilly & I’m so glad to see her doing so well and getting new music out to us. Love her!

    • Girl, this thing was 9 minutes of straight perfection. I love Jill too, and am so happy to see her back on the scene! 🙂

  3. This post had me all in my iTunes library like I don’t have work to do smh.

    Jill’s album is definitely quality. I need to give it a couple more run throughs, but Rolling Hills is my favorite track thus far cause that melody is just too smooth. The way the bass walks all up and down that track. And then the drums and vocal harmonies at the end. Mhmmm.

    The songs that come to mind that kick me in my chest are:
    1. Eric Roberson – Just A Dream
    “I had a dream we were slow dancing to the ocean waves under a half exposed moon…but it’s all, just a dream, the next day, you didn’t know me.”
    Dreaming about being with the love of your life, just not knowing who and where she is. Story of my life.

    2. Kirk Franklin – The Appeal
    “When I die what will they say about me. Will the work that I’ve done be enough to help someone? When I die will I draw men’s hearts to you? At the setting of the sun wanna hear you say well done when I die.”
    Making an appeal to God to guide and protect you. The song is stripped down to the lyrics and a piano. No chorus or verses and just a few choir parts. Just soloists pouring out into their words and an earnest desire to follow Christ.

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