Feature Fridays – The Moon

no, not THAT moon...

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for me to let you in on the song that has been constantly playing in my headphones or in my car. This week, I had the pleasure of having my house mostly to myself, and that left me with the opportunity to drive my mom’s car, which has an iPod cord so that I can play it through her stereo. Her system is much better than mine, so I always hop at the chance to drive her car, especially when I know I’m going out and it’ll take me a long time to get back home after a night out with my friends. When I’m driving down the highway by myself, I love to sing extremely loud and do some dancing if I can manage…this song has been belted by me way too many times, and I’m sure I’ve even choreographed my own dance routine to it.

The song I’m talking about is Eric Roberson‘s “The Moon.” It’s featured on his CD “Appetizer,” and is probably one of my favorite songs by him. It has a true 90s feel to it (I think it was originally released in the 90s), and all I can do when the song comes on is start to body roll like the Black Ranger no matter where I am. Beyond the feel of the song, he says some really sweet things to the girl who’s pretty much scared to fall in love with him. For instance: I know you’re scared/cuz love is risky/but you’re gonna have to relax and put your trust in me/cuz you’re secure/as long as you’re here/but when things get steamy baby/you just can’t disappear…

Now that you’ve heard the song for yourself, tell me what you think! This is definitely going to be one of those songs that doesn’t quite fit the occasion of a wedding reception that I’m going to use in mine. It’s such a cute song to me, and it just makes me feel good inside…perfect for driving down the highway with the windows rolled down (when the heat index is less than 111 O_O), singing to the top of my lungs. What other songs just make you feel good inside, especially during the summer? Share with me in the comments! Until next time…

  1. The man, Eric Roberson. Good song. Definitely has that 90’s feel to it.

    “When I’m driving down the highway by myself, I love to sing extremely loud and do some dancing if I can manage”

    Yup! I always do this.

    One of the first songs that came to mind was Justin Timberlake – Let’s Take A Ride. To me, that whole album is perfect to listen to when driving.

    • This is why we get along so well…;-)

      And YES for JT! I love that song! That and Kanye’s “We Major” have always been perfect summertime riding music for me…

  2. I don’t know exactly how I found your blog but I’m glad I did. I think it was Libra in the heading that caught my attention, being a proud Libra myself and I see that you are a friend to one my favorite people when I was on Myspace heavy PBG.

    Ok! Now to the subject of the blog…

    Eric Roberson is criminally underrated! I saw him recently at The Birchmere in Virginia. If you’ve never seen him live you’re in for a treat. Dude is all types of awesome and he make quality albums that you can listen to from start to finish. I don’t think I meant for this post to be this long. LOL. Ok. Bye!

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