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Feature Fridays: Summertime (So Hot)

Ah, the smell of burgers and dogs on the grill, the sight of girls in sundresses and sandals and guys in Polos, shorts, and their best pair of kicks, the blazing hot sun burning on the back of your neck…there’s no season like summer, and I’ve always loved it. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always associated some of my happiest memories with summer, and all of those memories involve music. Now that summer has officially hit, I would be remiss not to do a summertime song for this week’s feature. The all-time summertime anthem is now, and forever will be, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith’s Summertime, but I think this song I’m featuring here will become a close second, at least for me. This week’s Feature Friday is “Summertime (So Hot)” by Eric Roberson featuring Chubb Rock. Now, I had actually heard part of this song maybe about a month and a half ago when Eric did a Ustream that I was able to catch because I was off work, and ever since then, I was hoping I’d be able to hear it again. Lucky for me, Eric decided to release the song for download a couple of weeks ago.

Now that you’ve listened to it, try and tell me that you don’t hear summertime all up and through it! It’s almost as if they peeked into the future and captured the very essence of summertime and laid it on a track. As soon as the beat drops, I’m ready to stop whatever I’m doing and either a) 2 step around the room, b) go to the nearest car wash and clean my car, or c) drive down the highway with the sunroof open and this blasting from my speakers. It’s such a smooth, fun song, and I am absolutely in love with it. It conveys the spirit of summertime perfectly, and a smile can’t help but to spread across my face when I hear it. The song just makes me want to gather some friends, have a cookout, and sit and just enjoy each other from the daylight until dusk (and of course get up and dance with this comes on). I make a lot of playlists for general purposes, but I have to create a Summer 2011 playlist just to add this song to it.

After listening to it, and reading how I feel about it, I hope that you go download the song (it’s free), and that you add it to your cookout playlists. Speaking of summertime tunes, what other songs do you quickly associate with summer? I have an entire arsenal of songs that remind me of my favorite season, but I’ve done enough talking. Leave me some good songs in the comments, and I’ll see you all next week!


Living for the Weekend…

Ah, the weekend. It’s the best part of the week if you ask me. Sometimes the work week can be so long and mundane that I’m practically begging for Friday to come back around. On the weekend, I don’t have to get up early (at least not early like I would if I was going to work), I can lounge around in bed if I want, and it gives me time to do the things I really love to do…like writing, taking pictures, and hanging out with my friends. But this past weekend? This past weekend was unlike any other weekend I’ve had in recent memory. It was chock full of things I’ve never done before. Now normally, I wouldn’t be particularly intrigued by me doing random things on the weekend, but this time is different. Things happened this weekend that I swore in a million years would never happen, and I’m still in awe that they actually happened. Well, are you going to tell us what happened?

Glad you asked! For starters, I went thrift store shopping for the first time ever in life. Peebz sent out a Facebook invitation for people to join her at the Unique Thrift Store in Silver Spring, MD, and I figured what the hell? I’ve never done it, I’ve heard that people have gotten great deals on clothes, and I wanted to go do something different. While there, I finally met my Twitter buddy Eric, and me, Peebz, her daughter Tee, and Eric all traipsed around the store, finding random hilarious things along the way, and having a ball roaming around that HUGE store. I had a really fun time thrifting with them, and I got somewhere around 8 pieces of clothing for just about $60. That definitely wasn’t the last time that I plan on doing that, and I now have friends and family members that want me to take them with me the next time that I go find some more things out in Silver Spring.

Although I’ve lived in the DC Metropolitan area my entire life, I don’t take the time that I should to properly explore my city and surrounding areas. Going thrifting on Saturday and taking Peebz back home allowed me to see parts of the city that I haven’t seen in a while, and I really enjoyed the experience. Far too often, I just hit 50 West, head onto New York Avenue, make a right on Florida, end up on U Street, or keep going to Adams Morgan, and I’d forgotten that DC is so much more than that. I saw parts of the city that I had never seen before, and other parts that I hadn’t seen since I was a kid…I’ve got to take some time out this summer to go to the less-traveled, but exceedingly authentic parts of where my family is from.

To round my weekend out, I went to and participated in One Degree From Me’s DC Quarterly Flow Dating event. Now, anyone that knows me knows that I don’t even go to work alone (my mom and I commute in together to save money – stop judging), much less go to a dating event alone, but guess what? I did it! And to top it all off, I had an amazing time doing so. It was so nice to meet different people from all parts of the country that ended up in DC, as well as people that had been here their entire lives. There were people from all different walks of life, from all different professions, and at all different points of their lives with one goal in mind — to have meaningful conversation with other like-minded individuals. I got to meet some very friendly men and women on Saturday evening, and the entire atmosphere was warm, inviting, and pleasant. I was especially proud of myself for actually engaging people in conversation…I love talking to people, but sometimes my introvert starts to show and I end up in the back of the room just taking it all in. I didn’t let that take me over this time. I started conversations with people, maintained ones with others, and ended up with contact information for a couple of guys and a couple of women. I’m sitting here in anticipation of the email that I’m supposed to get with my mutual interests’ contact information in it, but regardless of the outcome of that email, I’m extraordinarily proud of myself for getting out of my own way and doing something I never thought I was capable of doing. It was just the boost I needed to not only become an active participant in my dating life, but to get out there and to try new things and see what life has to offer me. I have to give a special shoutout to Paul Carrick Brunson and his One Degree From Me team for putting on an amazing event, and him for being such a warm and inviting person, and for striking up conversation with everyone that came to him wanting to talk.

Takeaways from the weekend? 1) Try new things – there’s no telling what can happen if you just go out there and do something that you were previously afraid/skeptical of doing. 2) Have some fun – I literally spent all weekend laughing, joking, talking, and with a smile on my face. That doesn’t happen often, but I’m making it my priority to see to it that it happens more often than not now. 3) Get out of your own way – I don’t know how many times I had to tell myself this on Saturday night, but I’m certain that if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have had as much fun as I did. All of these lessons can be applied to my life, and I have faith that they can be applied to the lives of you all reading as well. If you’ve gotten this far in the post (I salute you), let’s talk about what things you think you can do to add some variety back into your life, or some things you’ve always wanted to do, but have always been too afraid to attempt.

Until next time…

An Amazingly Simple Night…

It’s been a while since I’ve put some words on this here e-crib of mine. Blame a full time job, a full time school load, and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life for that one. I decided to break my unintentional hiatus here with some thoughts that popped up this evening while on my drive home…

This evening I had the pleasure of finally meeting the boyfriend of one of my “big sisters.” Funny how I call her my big sister, but she needs a stepstool to hug me. 😉 Anyway…he and I clicked like we had known each other for years. I guess all of the trash talking we had done through her for the last couple of months built our rapport before we ever met each other. This isn’t about me, though. It is 100% all about them. What I witnessed tonight was one of the most beautiful displays of love I think I’ve seen in a very long time. It’s not because there were rose petals laid out all over the floor, or overt displays of affection (neither were present), but just because everything felt so…right. Anybody that knows me knows that I absolutely hate being a third wheel. Something about being single around a couple has always rubbed me the wrong way, but this time? Not even. They were so at ease with each other and with me that it felt like it was just three friends sitting around joking, laughing, and waiting to eat dinner, rather than a boyfriend, his woman, and her friend doing the same. The air in the house was just…light. No time for arguing, no time for ridiculousness, just genuine time spent with one another (and with me), and it was just absolutely perfect.

To be honest, it gave me hope. If I’m going to be honest with myself, I know I get really despondent about relationships sometimes, but watching them renewed my faith in a sense. It reminded me that true love doesn’t have to have this element of discontent and contention to it. I really feel like my friend and her man have the whole concept of “it’s the little things that matter” down pact. While I was engaging with them and cracking jokes the entire time, I was also taking mental notes. The way they talk to each other, the way they consider each other’s opinions, how hospitable each of them were to each other and to me, how you can literally feel the love they have for one another as soon as you walk into the room where both of them are…it left me feeling inspired. I needed to be reminded that it’s possible to feel that way about someone and to have them feel that way about you, and for it to just be…right. Man! I wish ya’ll could have been there…

Needless to say, I’m extremely happy for my friend. I’m so happy that he makes her happy and treats her well and that she walks around with a constant smile on her face because she deserves it. They fit each other well, they compliment each other well, and I feel like they work really well together. I’ve gotten a glimpse into what I hope my future looks like one day, and I am so extraordinarily blessed to have been in their presence for the short time that I was…thanks for the hope and the excellent example that you’ve set for me…

Between The Foreign Exchange being in heavy rotation, and having witnessed an amazing couple tonight, I feel like I’m going to have some great dreams. Everyone reading this – remember love is possible, necessary, and beautiful. Until next time, I leave you with one of my favorite lines from The Foreign Exchange that sums up exactly how I feel after tonight…

“Good people/good lovin’/good music in my life/
It makes me happy/so happy”

The Foreign Exchange – Happiness

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well folks,

It’s that time of year again…where turkey is on the table, and all of my favorite sides are on the table…yum. By the way, no holiday is complete without Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale…not none of that Cranberry Sierra Mist crap, getchu some of the original. 🙂

I figured I would take a little bit of time out to say what I’m thankful for this year. 2009 was a rough, rough year, but I am extremely grateful that 2010 has been loads better. I’m thankful for the learning and growing process that I’ve been on all year, and I’m extremely thankful that I’ve gotten to know and love myself a whole lot more than I used to. I’m thankful for every single experience, both positive and negative, that I’ve had this year. Some of them changed my perception for the worse, some of them changed who I am as a person for the better, and the person I am today thanks all of those situations for making me who I am at this point.

I’m so thankful for my family (which includes my friends). I don’t know where I would be without the support and love from them all, even when I make some ridiculous decisions. I’m thankful for all of the conversations, the late night/early morning counseling sessions, the ridiculous rantings on GChat, and every other way possible that friends and family can support me. I’m so thankful that my friends held me down when I didn’t have a job, and when I didn’t know how I was going to be able to afford certain things. From the bottom of my heart, if I call you my friend, I love you and I thank you.

I’m thankful that I finally got a job this year! Not only one job, but two! I’ve finally gotten into the sector I want to be in, and here’s hoping that I can make the transition into the field I want to be in within the next year. Professional experience is a monster like none other that I’ve encountered, but I’m happy to finally be getting some…

I’m thankful for the power of social media. Yeah, that sounds strange, but without it, I wouldn’t have like 7-10 of the friends I have right now, some of whom I have yet to meet. Between Twitter, UStream, and the blogosphere, I have met some of the most amazing, intelligent, and hilarious people, some of whom I actually spent days with in Florida. I’m thankful that we all mesh so well together, and that I now have a new support system that keeps me grounded when I get out of hand. 🙂

I’m also thankful for these meals (yes, I said meals) that I’ll be eating this evening. With that being said, I may just need to wrap this post up and get to peeling four pounds of potatoes for mashed potatoes. 😐 I hope everyone who reads this has a fantastic holiday, and that you all have something to be thankful for! I am thankful for each one of you that comes across this blog and happens to read whatever rambling I decide to put up on here. Thank you so, so much, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Florida: A Retrospective

Now I know good and well I said I was going to blog a whole lot more now that I have these fantastic e-digs over here, but…well…between work and school, I pretty much am tired of staring at a computer in general (lol). Now that I have a tad bit more time on my hands, you’re going to see me a whole lot more than you did before. Aren’t you happy? With that being said, I have a post on my little heart about something that means a whole lot to me now that it’s in the books.

A couple of weeks back, I did something I had been itching to do for a very long, long time. I got on a plane, and took a vacation from this lovely place called the District of Columbia metropolitan area. Don’t get me wrong, I love my city and my life, but sometimes I just need a break. I and four other ladies who have been talking a lot on these here innanets decided that we would all convene in Miami/Fort Lauderdale and actually meet one another and spend a few days together, and take a vacation. To make a long story short, I believe we all met in the chat function of UStream on the night of the Modern Day Matchmaker’s Web Event in New York City…thanks to the web stream being funky, there was a lot of extra ratchet and equally hilarious conversation that occurred. I ended up with at least 5 new blogs to follow and 15 new friends on Twitter because of it. (Hey Paul Carrick Brunson, if you ever read this…thanks! *smile*)

We planned this trip for actual months. Almost from the time that we all met, we started scheming up ways to actually meet each other face to face. It started out with more people than those that ended up being able to come, but the anticipation built like none other. I typically get excited about travel, but with my own personal situations, my work situation, and being bogged down with work for grad school, the opportunity to go anywhere had me extra amped. Now if I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had met one of the ladies previously (@MsEsquire77), but the other three, I had only spoken to over GMail, Twitter, or text messages. Never on the phone, and obviously not in person. Was I nervous to go? Not really. Apprehensive, slightly. Excited, hell yeah! I felt like I knew them from all of the conversations we had online, so it was now just a matter of putting a face and a voice to their personality.

Sidenote: Peep the view…

you mad?

By the time I woke up Friday morning, I honestly was completely grateful that I had come on this trip. I had been there all of 10 hours, but I knew from the minute I touched down that the trip was going to be a success. We all got along famously, we all gave each other the space to do our own thing, but we all spent time together when we wanted to. Waking up to go grab breakfast from Einstein Brothers bagels, coming back to play Bingo by the pool, taking EPIC naps on the beach, drinking Miami Vices poolside…I wouldn’t have traded my experience in Florida for anything. By Saturday night, if I already didn’t feel like I had gained four big sisters, I definitely did. The epic 3 hour long conversation laying across the bed (yes it looked like a scene from a cheesy 80s movie lol) that really reassured me that I had found people that had my back. Of course I’m the youngest in the group, so I naturally got ragged on the entire time. (.____.) I’m glad that I got the opportunity to just sit and listen to women older than me in my own generation that go through and have been through some of the same things that I have. How often do people really get that opportunity? I don’t have older sisters of my own, so I’ve never been granted that chance to just sit and observe. It really sucked to leave at the crack of dawn Sunday morning, not only because I was going to have to give up my view of the beach, but because I knew it was going to be a while before I saw them again…no worries though, modern technology has us all up and in each other’s lives!

To each of my newfound sisters, I love each and every one of you! You are all amazing and beautiful women, and I’m so glad to have you in my life. Miami 2010 was a success, and I am so looking forward to DC 2011! 🙂

Cheekie, Nick, Me, Max, and Shon...I love my sisters! 🙂

Oh yeah, find Max, Cheekie, Nick, and Shon all on the web!

It’s Been A Long Time Coming…

I know I have been away from this blog for a long time now…and I know I need to do better with that, and eventually I will. I just had to come back to say one thing:


I know it may seem insignificant to those of you that have been in the workforce for a while, but I have literally been looking for a job for a year since I graduated from college. Every corner I turned, I got told no…either I wouldn’t get an interview, or for whatever reason, the company would go with another candidate. I FINALLY got the call back on Friday that said I was verbally offered a position. If I’m to be 100% honest here, I can admit that I went in my mom’s room and cried when I heard the news. Not because I was sad, but because I could finally feel the weight of the world lifting off of my shoulders.

I know it’s going to be a lot of work in front of me…now with working full time, working 2 other part time jobs (not every day, but you get my drift), going back to school full time come August, and trying to start my own dreams and get them lifted off of the ground…I know my time management skills are going to get a complete overhaul, and my patience and endurance will be tested…but there is no great reward without hard work, so…I’m ready for the challenge. If the load gets to be too much, I can always defer my dreams…a dream deferred is not a dream denied, I’ll just have to wait until I am in a better place to work on them.

All that being said, I am so so so grateful to God for blessing me with this opportunity. Admittedly, I’m a little nervous; this is my first full time job, and I hope I have what it takes to do the job well, and not mess up. I’m eager to get started and eager to learn as much as I can to go along with my degree as well as learning more about how life in an office really is. I’m also grateful to have such amazing friends that have had my back throughout this entire process. Whether it was financially supporting me through tough times, hopping on my back to make sure I filled out job applications, critiquing my resume and cover letter, hooking me up with potential job opportunities, or just passing on encouraging words when I was completely discouraged, I have to say THANK YOU. You have no idea how thankful I am to have people like you in my life, and how much it means to me that you have been in my corner throughout this entire process. I love each and every one of you, and I just hope I have the opportunity to repay you at some point.

Well…since I have to get on a sleep schedule now, I’ll bring this blog to a close…I have to get up early tomorrow! 🙂