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Feature Fridays – The Moon

no, not THAT moon...

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for me to let you in on the song that has been constantly playing in my headphones or in my car. This week, I had the pleasure of having my house mostly to myself, and that left me with the opportunity to drive my mom’s car, which has an iPod cord so that I can play it through her stereo. Her system is much better than mine, so I always hop at the chance to drive her car, especially when I know I’m going out and it’ll take me a long time to get back home after a night out with my friends. When I’m driving down the highway by myself, I love to sing extremely loud and do some dancing if I can manage…this song has been belted by me way too many times, and I’m sure I’ve even choreographed my own dance routine to it.

The song I’m talking about is Eric Roberson‘s “The Moon.” It’s featured on his CD “Appetizer,” and is probably one of my favorite songs by him. It has a true 90s feel to it (I think it was originally released in the 90s), and all I can do when the song comes on is start to body roll like the Black Ranger no matter where I am. Beyond the feel of the song, he says some really sweet things to the girl who’s pretty much scared to fall in love with him. For instance: I know you’re scared/cuz love is risky/but you’re gonna have to relax and put your trust in me/cuz you’re secure/as long as you’re here/but when things get steamy baby/you just can’t disappear…

Now that you’ve heard the song for yourself, tell me what you think! This is definitely going to be one of those songs that doesn’t quite fit the occasion of a wedding reception that I’m going to use in mine. It’s such a cute song to me, and it just makes me feel good inside…perfect for driving down the highway with the windows rolled down (when the heat index is less than 111 O_O), singing to the top of my lungs. What other songs just make you feel good inside, especially during the summer? Share with me in the comments! Until next time…


Just Visiting Three Listening Party – DC

I know that I typically wait until Fridays to talk about music, but an event happened this past Monday that I could not wait four days to talk about. It was an event that I had been waiting actual months for, and I was so excited to be a part of it. What am I talking about? I’m talking about the release of Zo!’s third installment of his “just visiting” series, aptly titled “…just visiting three.” When the announcement hit the Twitter airwaves that the listening party in DC would be held on Monday, July 11, my face went from 🙂 to -_____- in about five seconds flat. Go into the city after I’d already gone home after work? On a Monday? Man…I like my sleep! Let me stop playin’, I knew from the time I saw the tweets that I was gonna go. Monday night after I got home from work, got some dinner, and changed into something slightly sexy ;-), I headed out to pick up my lovely friend Peebz and head down to Tap and Parlour on U Street. When we got there, the crowd was slightly small, but we ran into Panama Jackson at the door, and since 3’s have fun everywhere they go, we struck up a nice –ratchet- conversation while people started to file in. I ran into The Jazzy Belle, and she, Peebz, and I found a table that just so happened to be directly across from where Zo! was sitting. Score! While people were still coming in, and mixing and mingling with one another, the DJ was playing a nice set, with everything from Zo’s earlier work to The Foreign Exchange, The Roots, Bilal, Common, and an array of other artists. The lovely Husky Monreaux joined us at the table, and we all sat and talked, sipped some beverages, and waited patiently for 12:00 to hit so we could hear the new album.

Zo! got on the mic promptly at 12 to announce that the album was ready to go, and the DJ dropped the beat on the first track. From the second he pressed play, everybody in the room seemed to be locked into the music. Heads were nodding, toes were tapping, bodies were rolling (ok, maybe that was just me), and everybody was taking in the album second by second and track by track. I’m an observer by nature, so I tended to look around the room to see how different people were reacting to the music. Some were completely silent and looked as if they were stuck in a trance; others continued their hushed conversations underneath the music, while some others were partying like they were out at a club. Everyone in the place showed genuine love and appreciation for the record, which was an awesome sight to see. For me, new music is like a gift under the Christmas tree. All of the anticipation of Christmas builds up in the weeks and days before the holiday comes, and it peaks just as you turn the corner and see all of the gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. Unwrapping the gift is the culmination of the anticipation, and laying eyes on the gift for the very first time gives you a sense of glee, joy, and thankfulness. That’s how I felt listening to “…just visiting three” for the first time. It was like Zo and all of the rest of the team that worked on the album had taken months to perfectly wrap the gift, making sure every crease was laid straight, every piece of tape was secured tight, and that they put the prettiest, shiniest bow they could find on top, and the listening party was our (the fans’) chance to sit under the tree and open the gift. It was an amazing experience to be around so many people listening to the same work of music for the first time, and it’s one I won’t soon forget.

After the album was done playing, Zo got back on the mic, and they dropped it again! This time, it was like everyone was dancing at their uncle’s cookout, except without the burnt hot dogs and red solo cups full of whatever you can think of, or we were all at the skating rink during the free skate where everyone got to show off their tricks. During the second round of the CD, Zo was more than happy to hug or dap the fans that came out to support him, to take pictures, and to hold conversations with people. He’s so nice and so down to Earth, and I’m personally excited that the album was so well received, and that there is so much love for him here in DC! I had an absolute ball at the listening party with my friends, and I didn’t even kick myself in the face too hard on Tuesday morning when I got to work later than I usually do because it was completely worth it.

The man of the hour and yours truly!

Zo! and Peebz of the award-winning!

In case you don’t have it (which if you don’t, you’re loafin), it can be downloaded here for absolutely FREE! Take advantage of amazing music, and support an awesome musician. Ya’ll already know I have it loaded up on every device I own. Once you listen to the EP, share your thoughts in the comments! Until next time…

I Have Questions…

Those of you that know me well know that I spend almost all day listening to music. Whether it be on YouTube, on my iPod, on Pandora, or on the radio, I always have my headphones in or my music in the car blasting. Music is one of the only things I can relate to all the time! Well, it dawned on me not too long ago that there are a lot of lyrics out here that I just don’t understand. I don’t know where the writers came up with them, don’t know why they were included in the song…I just get really confused sometimes. I chatted my good friend Cheekie up on Gchat hoping that she’d be able to help me find the answers to the questions that I have. Maybe you all out there can find some clarity in this as well…

Stevie Wonder – Ribbon in the Sky
Cheekie: tell me who put a ribbon in the sky for stevie wonder’s love? Like, he couldn’t afford a jet? You know Stevie be PAID and he just threw a ribbon up in the air?
maybe that’s how the Goodwill Blimp got started
Cheekie: probably so… I’m just saying… Stevie was like, “yeah just toss a ribbon up there and she’ll be cool. Ribbons are purty… I’d imagine.”
me: LOL

Mary Mary – I’m Walking
me: ok, so…Mary Mary…in your new hit, you state a minimum of 87 times that you’re walking. well…where exactly are you walking to? Target? Grocery store? Down the Green Mile?
me: to the bus to head to church?
Cheekie: That is the longest walk evah. Like, they be struttin.
me: to the crossroads?
if they galloped, they’d get there faster
Cheekie: If they going to the crossroads, st. peter gon’ be there like… “ok which mary are you again? Hol’ up! That ain’t eeem your name.”
YES! Galloped. Mr. Ed game proper
me: LOL

Joe – All The Things (Your Man Won’t Do)
Cheekie: aight, so tell me THIS. How come Joe be all philosophical in “Things Your Man Won’t Do” talmbout “what good is a diamond, nobody can see?”
that is some tree in the forest SHAT
me: *ponders the meaning of life*
i mean…
geez, i’m at a loss, that’s truly deep.
Cheekie: I bet. In fact, I think Kay Jewelers should change their slogan to that
better yet…
their competition Cue Jewelers should do it.
I’m not sure if this exists
but my point is, it’s a great slogan
me: you can start a business!
there’s your slogan, BAM
Cheekie: I should!
Be like Cheeks Blings: How prosperous is a diamond, that Stevie Wonder views?
circle of life

YC feat. Future – Racks
me: ok i have a question of the young fellow that squawks raps “racks”
the entire gist of the song is racks on racks on racks
well…racks of what?
spice racks? clothes racks?
racks of ribs?
Cheekie: lamb?
mint jelly up in this piece
me: maybe Chili’s can use that song for their new jingle
we got racks on racks on racks of ribs
girl call up corporate NOW
me: *scribbles down a note*
Cheekie: as they send you a gift card to thank you
me: hahahaha

Ace Hood – Hustle Hard
Cheekie: girrrrrrl.
i still don’t understand why they say hustle hard. i can’t imagine how anyone could possibly hustle soft
it’s not a hustle then!
me: unless you hustle toilet paper, teddy bears, goat cheese, or pound cake
Cheekie: not pound cake doe
but anyway, i guess you can hustle soft because he claims to do it “each and air’way”
so i assume that includes hard, soft, just right
it’s the goldilocks of rap
me: thats what she saiiiiid!
Cheekie: HA!
i do wonder how many different ways it is to hustle, doe. Like, can i hustle even when i’m breathing in and out?
i guess that’s when you have asthma
me: or bronchitis
Cheekie: hmm, which i’ve had
so i can relate
me: can you hustle underwater?
or is that reserved for Michael Phelps?
Cheekie: synchronized swimming?
me: oooooh good one.
Cheekie: phelps is gangsta
i also think dirk nowitzki is related to him somehow
perhaps a distant cousin
me: i’d agree

Nicki Minaj – Did It On Em
me: ok nicki…in your new hit “Sh*tted on Em”, you state repeatedly that you have, in fact, sh*tted on em…well…don’t you think that’s kinda disgusting? doesn’t that violate a health code somewhere?
did no one have toilet paper for you? who hurt you?
Cheekie: i think she should’ve considered hustling soft and she would’ve had toilet paper
and it is quite disgusting. she has a large rump. imagine what comes outta THAT a-hole. lawd.
actually don’t
don’t imagine it
me: yeah, thanks for ruining my appetite for the next 3 days.
Cheekie: it’s called the “gross out” diet. Hopefully it works for me. lol
me: like she tells us she sh*tted on em, then says “man i just sh*tted on em”…is that for emphasis?
do these people have access to a shower?
Cheekie: like the “man” makes it official
oh gawd i hope so!
me: right apparently before that man was added, we weren’t sure if she had, in fact, sh*tted on em
Cheekie: *snort*

So as you see, we have questions! I mean, we tried to answer them for each other, but…we didn’t get too far. Can ya’ll help two lacking all sense ever sistas out? Drop a line in the comments and let us know!

Sometimes It’s Better To Lose

Even though it’s now May, it feels like January was just here, and we were all doing the ever-so-famous New Year’s Resolutions. Some of us vowed to make better choices, to let some tagalong people go, to save more money, or the ever so popular one: lose weight. Now, if I remember my New Year’s correctly, that was the farthest thing from my mind (mainly because I was too focused on the alcohol and the appetizers and avoiding the police – another story for another day), simply because I didn’t want to make a cliché promise to myself that I knew I couldn’t keep. So, I downed a few more chips, meatballs with dill sauce, and drinks, and kept along my merry “not caring about my weight” way.

That is, until February. I was sitting at my desk, talking to Cheekie, when I realized that I needed to join a gym. I’ve been the same size since about 2005, and that’s two full sizes bigger than I was when I graduated from high school. My eating habits had gotten terrible, and my physical exercise was at an all-time low. I figured that there was no time like the present to take matters into my own hands and do something in order to put my life back in order.

Needless to say, the gym worked…somewhat. Though I recognize and appreciate the value of a good gym, I will be the first to let you know that I get bored very easily with conventional exercise. Getting on the treadmill was cool, burning calories on the elliptical was motivating, and getting on the weight machines was more challenging than I expected, but for the most part, I was doing it alone, and felt pretty unfulfilled. That’s when I got the bright idea to pay attention to my high school classmate Deanna’s Twitter page and eventually went to her website. I registered (and coerced one of my best friends into registering) for the April session, and determined that April was going to be the month I got my act together. I joined a kickball league, an aqua class, and resolved to go to the gym to supplement it.

Can I be honest with you guys for a second? I walked into Deanna’s class that first Tuesday and was PETRIFIED. I thought I was too fat, too out of shape, and too physically weak to actually make it through an hour and fifteen minutes of constant exercise. When was the last time I did that much exercise at once?! High school, that’s when. I just knew that day one, I was going to pass out, see stars, and run away from the class kicking and screaming, begging to never go back.

But I didn’t. I actually made it through! I was sore, tired, and wanted a hug and some juice afterwards, but I made it! And four weeks after the start date, I am still sore, still tired, and still would like a hug and some juice, but I’m noticing drastic and subtle differences. For one, since February when I decided to do something about this weight of mine, I’ve lost 10 pounds. Five of those came between April 3 and April 28 while in My Fitness Boot Camps. Five pounds? In twenty-five days? What? Talk. About. Motivating. I’ve changed my diet (mostly), changed my relationship with food, and I can feel my confidence rising and my self-esteem lifting after every single class I take.

The environment that Deanna has created in class is one of true camaraderie, true support, and most of all, it’s a lot of fun. Yeah, even when I feel like my arms and legs are going to fall off, it’s still one of the best ways I can think to spend time getting myself in shape. Her and her entire team of trainers are extremely helpful, and push me to be successful, work through the pain, and achieve the goals that I want to achieve as it relates to weight loss.

I’m far from where I want to be, yes. But I will never, ever go back to where I used to be. Now that I know that I actually can lose weight, and that I can do some of these exercises I never thought I could…I’m so motivated to actually see this thing through. It’s my goal to be in a size 12 by my birthday, and with the structure of Boot Camp, and the changes I am making outside of the classes that I am taking, I’m certain I’ll get there. My family and friends have been there every step of the way, and I’m so grateful to have them during this journey. Ten down, about thirty to go…and with that said — sometimes, it really is better to be a loser.

Until next time, folks…

Reverb 10 – Day 24

December 24

Prompt: Everything’s OK. What was the best moment that could serve as proof that everything is going to be alright? And how will you incorporate that discovery into the year ahead?

I think the moment I had where I realized everything was going to be alright was the day I got the phone call that I had gotten a full time job. My last half of 2009 and first half of 2010 were spent painfully searching for a job for hours a day. I had friends revising my resume for me, telling me what to take out of cover letters, sending me to workshops…and it all seemed to no avail. Thankfully, I was in school, so I had a way to pay my bills, but I felt like my life was lacking purpose. It didn’t help that almost everyone around me had a full time job, and could spend their money any way they chose to (or so I thought, because I know everyone has bills and a lifestyle to maintain). The instant I got the phone call (which happened to come from a friend of mine since he works in HR for the company), it was as if a boulder was lifted off of my shoulders. I hung up the phone and started to cry; not because I was sad, but because I finally felt like everything in my life was going to be ok. I knew I was going to have some hard days ahead of me (which I did) and some days where I’d prefer to be unemployed for the freedoms it provided me with (and yes, sometimes I still do), but I knew instinctively that my life was changed for the better and that I was finally going to be ok. Not just financially, but I’d feel as if my life had some purpose again. In order to keep that discovery fresh, I just have to remember what it felt like to be unemployed, and to feel like I had no purpose. Now that I’m starting to feel like I’m discovering what I was meant to do, I have to keep that hunger alive within me. Dreams die because they’re not nourished, so I have to do what I have to do in order to keep mine alive. Remembering that I’m on the doorstep to the rest of my life (being a 20-something) should keep me grounded enough to realize that I have moves to make, but flexible enough to try a variety of things out. Hopefully, this works…and I get closer to my dreams as the year progresses…

Coming Soon!

Hey ya’ll!

I’m L Boogie, the resident Libra, and welcome to my e-home! Nice to have you here…kick back (don’t put your e-feet on my e-coffee table though), grab a drink, and let’s get to gettin!

Well…on second thought…let me make this e-house into an e-home, and then we can chop it up…don’t worry your pretty little head though, I’ll be back soon!

– L Boogie


P.S. In the interim, feel free to read some of my old posts, located right under this post. 🙂

Happy Father’s Day…

Since this is my own personal blog, I figured it would only make sense to remain completely honest on here. I can be honest in admitting that Fathers Day really isn’t my favorite day of the year. Call me cynical, call me emotional, call me whatever you will, but I’m not a fan. Not because I’m bitter or unappreciative of my father, because that’s totally not the case. It’s actually the polar opposite of that. In all honesty, this day just makes me sad. In July of this year, it will be 7 years since I lost my father to cancer. Seven years?!?! Truth be told, I have my moments where it feels like yesterday. Days like today are the hardest because they’re the days I should be spending with him. Where I should be taking the little piece of change I have to take him out to dinner, or to see some live music, or to do whatever the hell he wanted to do. Knowing what i know now, I’d kill for those moments back. I think reasons why his birthday, Christmas. Thanksgiving, today, and the anniversary of his passing are so difficult for me is because I feel like I didn’t do enough with him while he was here. I’m a product of divorce, so legally I couldn’t see him but maybe twice a week, but there are just moments where I feel like I could have done more…I’m sure if he was sitting next to me reading this while I typed, he would be ready to slap me because he would say that I did the best I could given the circumstances and he knew I loved him…too bad I don’t always feel like that…

I say all that to say a couple of things…first, those of you that still have your fathers here on Earth…no matter how tragic the situation, no matter how bitter you may be, no matter how much he may deserve it…just take a moment and either tell him Happy Fathers Day or thank God that he’s still walking the Earth…and in turn, thank God for the suitable male replacements He put into your life. I’m a firm believer that if He takes a person in a particular position away from you, there is usually someone waiting in the wings to fill the same role in some capacity. I would be absolutely ecstatic to have one more hug, one more phone call, one more sound of his voice, one more mention of how proud he was, one more dinner, one more argument….just one more minute, hour, or day…

I also say that to say that if anyone reading my blog happens to BE a father, please don’t shirk on your responsibility. A father’s love is truly and honestly irreplaceable. My mother couldn’t and can’t do for me what my father could…if you’ve been tapped by God to receive the blessing known as children, please don’t take it lightly, and recognize that it is indeed a blessing. Your kids need you more than you think they do. To those fathers that are there as they should be, you’re greatly appreciated, and I hope I’m not the only one that’s told you that today….

With all that being said…I’m sending kisses up to Heaven with my father’s name on them…I miss him more than words can describe, and more than my pride will ever let me show, but I hope that I am making him proud down here. Attached to my kisses are prayers for the future father of my children, whoever and wherever he may be…between God and my dad, he has big shoes to fill, but I already have the faith that he will be exactly the type of father to my children that they need him to be and that they will love and appreciate him just as I do my own…

Kids, go love on your dad…dads, go love on your kids…Happy Fathers Day…