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Reverb 10 – Day 11

December 11

Prompt: 11 Things. What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?

Good grief…I can already tell that this particular post is going to take a lot out of me, so…let’s just get into it before I lose all will to write about it (lol)…these are in no particular order, but here we go!

1. Constant Connection – Ok, anyone that knows me knows that my phone has been practically glued to my hip since I started college. Whether it was using it to call or text people back then, or now with the advent of Gchat and Twitter, I am literally always on or around my phone. So much so, that sometimes I think I forget to stop and just enjoy the moments that are happening around me. To eliminate this, I can pretty much just cut my phone off…that, or get involved in some interesting things that will make me forget I even have a phone. How will this change my life? I’ll fully experience moments that happen from now on…which is something that I can’t say I always did in 2010.

2. Laziness – Yeah, ok, so I’m lazy. I procrastinate a lot, and there are times where I just don’t do things because I don’t feel like it. I know this happens to everyone sometimes, but there are far too many instances where I justify not doing something that will help me because I’m tired or because I get home at 7 PM, rather than taking the time out to get it done. Changing this is going to pretty much take a lifestyle shift for me, but I know it’s something I need to do if I ever want to get anything accomplished other than going to work everyday.

3. Self-Doubt – One of the benefits of knowing yourself is knowing both the positive and negative sides of yourself. One of the biggest negative things about me is the fact that I can convince myself that I’m incapable of doing something. Where I got that from, I have no idea. I have no clue where I got this notion that I’m not good enough to accomplish some things, or that I don’t have the skills necessary to get them done. Eliminating this will require me actually doing the things I tell myself I can’t do, and I’m certain that changing this will make me a much happier, more fulfilled person.

4. Predictability – On any given day of the week, if you know me, you can pretty much tell what I’m doing. Get up, commute, work, commute back, homework, then bed. I need some spontaneity back in my life! I need to learn how to explore my city, and do some things by myself. Of course it’ll take some money and some planning to do it the right way, but I think eliminating some level of predictability will give me a jump in my quality of life.

5. Some of my Stuff – Yeah it sounds shallow, but…my room is overflowing with stuff. My closet is full to the brim (partly because my closet is smaller than my desk at work), and there is stuff still in boxes that I haven’t unpacked. We moved in September. I think in order to de-clutter my mind, I have to de-clutter the space around me, and it needs to start with where I live. Hopefully, I can knock some of that out before 2011 starts…I know I need to work on the space around me if I ever hope to change anything around me.
6. Excessive Amounts of People – I’m all for friendship, really I am. I love my friends, they keep me grounded, they keep me sane, but…next year, I need to do a better job of taking time out for myself. I need to get it through my head that if I tell somebody no, or that I can’t do something for them, that it shouldn’t ruin our friendship. If it does, then maybe we weren’t really friends to begin with. I know it’s rude to completely diss people, and that’s not what I’m getting at here. I just need to narrow down my friendship circles, and learn how to better spend some time alone. Tis all. I think this will help me gain some focus, and do better with getting to know myself.

7. Excess Baggage – And by baggage I mean poundage. Now granted, I think I look good. On my momma, on my hood, I look fly, I look good… But, I think I can look better. I say this every year, “I’m going to lose 20 pounds by my birthday!” Yeah, and October comes every year and I’m still wearing the same size jeans. Go figure. I think my motivation this year is different though. It used to be because I wanted to impress people…now it’s because I really like my life and would like to not be laid up in the hospital somewhere. I’ve changed my eating habits, I’m starting to drink more water, and the last piece of the puzzle is to get somewhere and get active. I’m working on it.

8 – 11. Miscellaneous Things – I seriously ran out of things that I can get rid of next year. I’m sure there are plenty of things that I can get rid of; I just can’t think of them right now! sigh. Hopefully, I’ll be able to recognize them as they come along, and then they can go that-a-way in order to make my life better than it already is!

Geez, this was hard…