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Reverb 10 – Day 16

December 16

Prompt: Friendship. How has a friend changed you or your perspective on the world this year? Was this change gradual, or a sudden burst?

I can’t say that I can give all of the credit for my changes in perspective to one particular friend. I believe that my particular group of friends has done things in their own individual ways and collectively as a group to change the way I view things and situations. I’ve calmed down a lot in the last year, and I really do have them to thank for it. In their own ways, they remind me that things aren’t always as bad as they seem, and that things could be a lot worse. Whether they’re nice about it or brash about it, they do what they can to help me realize that life is worth living, not just being negative about. I’ll admit, it hasn’t happened overnight, and it’s a process that will continue into 2011, but I’m glad they put the fire underneath me to make me realize that I needed to make some changes in my life. It’s not enough to go through life day by day and not pursue my dreams, and I’ve had a few friends show me that either through the pursuit of their dreams, or from conversations we’ve had. I appreciate all of them more than they know, and I hope that this change in me lasts for a very long time to come.