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Reverb 10 – Day 5

December 5

Prompt: Let Go. What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?

What did I let go of this year…or whom did I let go of this year…I honestly don’t think there is enough space on this page for me to list everything that was let go of this year. It sounds really cliché to say that I let go of all of the negative things going on in my life, because, well…at one point all of the things that are negative weren’t that way. Situations unfolded in such a way that I was literally left with no choice but to let people and situations go. Did I necessarily want to do that at the time? No, but I wasn’t about to chase after anyone or anything that didn’t want to stick around either. There were people in my life that I thought I would never live without, but somehow, I’m still sitting here typing this today. Hmm…go figure. Do I regret any of my decisions to let people or situations go? Not at all. I wouldn’t be who I am today, December 5, 2010, if I had let them stay in my life in the capacity they were in before. I still love all of the people I don’t talk to anymore. I still sometimes miss some of the situations that I was in because of what they meant to me…but I don’t want to go back to that. I had to let them go because they didn’t want to stay…whether that was for their own personal reasons or for something that I did, it doesn’t matter; they did what they felt was best for them at the time, and now we both have to live with that decision. Honestly, I thought I would be more bothered by it, but as I’ve said in posts prior to this, I’m so happy with where my life is right now, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. If I hadn’t let certain situations or certain people go, there’s no telling where I would be. Know the saying that you have to love certain people from a distance? Yeah…that’s me now…and that’s ok. For the longest time, I was convinced that the only way I could be happy was to have a lot of people around me and a lot of different situations going on at the same time…until I realized that completely cut out on the time it took to actually enjoy life. There were some things inside of myself that I had to let go of in order to really live; walls that I had put up for years were slowly starting to be dismantled, brick by brick, and it felt amazing to finally not have certain baggage on my back anymore. My only hope is that I can continue this process of letting the toxic things go so that I can truly live my life to its full potential…here’s to more self-discovery for the rest of the year through this project.