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Reverb 10 – Day 3

December 3
Moment. Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors).

One moment this year where I felt most alive…it took me a while to narrow down all of my experiences this year, and then to think of one where I felt the most alive, but I have to say it was this October when I was in Florida. I met up with some e-friends down there, and we basically chilled out and got to know one another in real life and spent some time together. The moment of that trip and of the entire year where I felt the most alive was on Friday afternoon of that weekend when I went down to the beach alone…no cell phone, no other people…just me, my iPod, and a beach chair. I was in a t shirt and shorts and slippers as I walked onto the beach to get the chair and pick a perfect spot to just stare out at the water. Of course as soon as I hit the sand, I took the slippers off to get the sand between my toes. There’s nothing on this Earth like warm sand in between your toes as you listen to the waves crash onto the shore. Nothing. I found an empty beach chair and laid out facing the ocean. Put some R&B in my ears (my guilty pleasure of choice), and just sat. Felt the wind across my body, smelled the salt from the water, and watched a nervous groom get ready for his bride to appear. A nice observer bought the groom a shot of Patron, he downed it, and nervously paced back and forth with the preacher by his side waiting for his love to arrive. When she got onto the beach, the look on his face was one I had never seen in my life. I took one headphone out of my ear to listen to the ceremony, and noticed that there were other people that had stopped along the beach to witness this moment in two people’s lives that we would never see again. As they said their vows, I realized that this was what life was really about, and it gave me a renewed sense of purpose. Was the sense of purpose to go out and find my husband immediately? Hell no. But the purpose was to learn how to love myself, and to love everyone I came into contact with. I sat there and watched him in his all-white express his undying love and commitment to her in her beautiful all white dress, and I just felt a sense of peace like I had never felt before. Watching the two of them begin this lifelong journey gave me a sense of inner joy I hadn’t felt in a while. Once the ceremony was over, and they had gone on to start their lives together, I drifted off into one of the most peaceful naps I have ever had. The combination of the music in my ear, the wind whipping across my entire body, the waves crashing on the shore, and the sun going behind the clouds was the perfect time for me to catch up on some sleep, and to get back to peace within myself. I had longed for some clarity and some understanding of myself and of my life, and that hour and a half on the beach certainly gave that to me. That single moment is what recharged my batteries for the rest of the year…

pure bliss...