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10/10/10 – Reflection at its Finest

Hey ya’ll!

Welcome to my first post in my new e-home…*looks around* I’m kinda diggin the place over here to be quite honest! Anyways, yesterday morning as I rolled over after a night of fantastic sleep on my new Queen-size mattress, and I checked twitter, I saw a tweet from a friend of mine (you can follow her here ) that dealt with the 10 things she wanted for herself…and I thought to myself, “Self? Why not do the same thing for you? It would be a good exercise for your brain and you might even learn some stuff you didn’t know before…”

So, thanks to that ever-so-motivating tweet I read and conversation I had with myself, here we are with the ten things that I want for myself, in no particular order, and in no particular time frame…

10. I want to make some type of impact on the educational state of our country. There are way too many statistics to go into here (maybe I’ll do another post on that), but the educational future of the United States is bleak at best. There is no reason why every child in this country shouldn’t be afforded the opportunity to receive a high-quality education, and I want to find some way to contribute to the change that is needed in order for this country to remain globally competitive.

9. I want to get past the idea that I function best when I’m in a relationship. It has been a LONG time since I have been in one, and since it’s been so long, I’ve often thought that my quality of life would improve if I magically found someone to want to be in a relationship with. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the sometimes therapeutic powers that companionship can bring, but…I can make it in my life right now without a significant other.

8. I want to find my niche. I don’t mean to compare myself to other people I know, or to seem envious, because I’m not, but I would like to find the little corner of the Earth that’s solely and specifically meant for me. I have all of these interests, and a couple of passions, and I want to figure out how to combine them all so that I can finally feel like I’ve come across something that gives my life purpose.

7. I want to be able to find balance in all aspects of my life. Anyone that knows anything about astrology knows that the sign of the Libra is the scales, meaning we search for balance incessantly. I get to these places where I find balance in some parts of my life, but then other parts are out of whack, so I feel jumbled and out of order. I want to be able to be on an even keel academically, personally, socially, spiritually, and physically. It’s a tall task, but I want it!

6. To piggyback off of number 9, I want someone to find me that is as equally invested in me as I am in them. Far too often, I become invested in people (whether it be friendships or potential romantic relationships) way before they ever even consider the idea of becoming invested in me. In the romantic sense of things, I’m doing myself a disservice by expecting or even wanting things from men that they don’t expect of me or that they don’t want me to give or them to give of themselves. I’d do myself a world of good to make people prove themselves before they become an integral part of my life.

5. I want to pursue my dream of publishing a book. I’ve had this dream since I was in middle school, and I can’t let the fear of “will it be good enough?” paralyze me any longer. I know I have a God given gift to write; I just need to finally sit down and do it!

4. I want to get past myself. You know how they say your greatest roadblock is your own self? Well, that’s 100% true for me. Too often, I allow fears, past transgressions, regret, confusion, or any other myriad of things to get in the way of the things that I feel like I want to do. I can’t live my life like that anymore if I ever expect to achieve anything great. I have to learn to take chances, and put the past where it belongs: behind me.

3. I want to become a better friend to myself. Yeah, you read that right. I am naturally gifted at being there for other people, and I pride myself on being a good friend, but somewhere along the line, I lost sight of being my own best friend. I want to learn how to take myself out, how to be comfortable with being completely by myself, and to fall in love with myself all over again.

2. I want to come to understand what the word “family” means again. I used to know in my childhood, but it seems as if since everyone has gotten older and ventured out on their own, we never take the time necessary to keep our familial ties strong. I want to translate a strong familial tie when it is time to start my own family, and am really passionate about making sure that my family sticks together.

1. I want to grow closer to God in different ways. I feel as if He places people in your life to teach you lessons, and that learning these lessons can somehow bring you closer to Him. I want to be able to hear, discern, and recognize His voice, and to be able to apply what He says to my everyday life better than I’m doing now.

Well…I think that’s it! What about you, readers? Did 10-10-10 spark any thoughts of change or thoughts of what you would want for yourself in your mind? Kick back, take a load off, and let me know!

Until next time folks!