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Reverb 10 – Day 10

December 10

Prompt: Wisdom. What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out?

Seriously, Reverb? You just wanna hit me with all these deep introspective posts back to back to back? I guess that is what I signed up for, huh? The wisest decision I made this year…wait a minute, did I do anything wise this year? I mean, of course I did, but I’m trying to think if there was anything that was particularly wise. I think that the wisest decision I made this year was actually made for me. Gee, now that I think about it, that might kinda suck that the wisest thing I’ve done all year was actually indirect. I didn’t necessarily choose to let someone go, they sort of…made the choice for me when they decided to pursue more “attractive” options in their life. Ironic that most of my posts have been centered around relationships…maybe I should begin to focus more on myself for some of these other posts…hmm…
But anyways…the wisest decision I made this year was to close the door when someone decided that their affection lied elsewhere. And not just that their affection was elsewhere, but that their mind, heart, and soul were completely not with me. I was hurt, I was distraught, I cried more than I’d like to admit, but it was singlehandedly the wisest choice I made all year. I say it was a choice because I could’ve chosen to stay wrapped up in him, to try and fight to get him back, to try and convince him that it was a bad idea…but I didn’t. I’m pretty sure that at the time I didn’t think it was wise…in fact, I’m almost certain I thought it was the dumbest decision I could make. Especially since the decision was pretty much made and created for me…looking back on it, I didn’t do it for how I’d feel then, because I honestly don’t wish that amount of pain or mental turmoil on anyone. I did it for how I hoped I’d feel now…I hoped I could finally get the hell over him and move on with my life, and I did….I’m SO much happier now. Do I miss him in my life? Of course I do…he was such a big part of my life for my entire 5 year college career that it would be impossible for me not to miss him…do I think I did the right (and wise) thing in letting that aspect of my life go? I do…and I’m reminded every day just how wise it was.